January 2024


How did you get into FM/ Accidental FM?

I received my CFM in August of 2021 and added the SFP certification in February of 2023. My FM journey started by operating a janitorial firm in Anchorage, Alaska where I oversaw 4.2 million Square feet of contracted services. I then explored the commercial real estate side of facilities by learning facilities services, leasing, and becoming a member of the Board of Directors for BOMA Anchorage. I found IFMA as I ventured to WYLD, where I learned that WYLD is doing things different, challenging the status quo, and not letting the status quo dictate our path to success. I sought out IFMA for the credentials to bring more validity to our cannabis industry. The cannabis industry has been labeled over the years as less professional than long tenured industries and I am here to change that! Our employee first centered philosophy ensures we bring the best support to our facilities. A visit and validate method to service verification makes the difference for quality and professionalism. Here at WYLD we say, “LFG.”ยท

One off weird experience in the Industry

Wyld is Climate Neutral Certified by measuring our greenhouse gas emissions, implementing reduction actions, and compensating for our emissions each year by investing in carbon credits and 100% renewable energy. We believe that it’s our responsibility to take action to minimize our impact on the environment allowing us to operate on a different orbit than others in the industry. Beginning in 2021, Wyld brands introduced compostable packaging into the market starting with our Wyld Canada launch. In 2022, we introduced Good Tide tubes (compostable and recyclable) and fully compostable Wyld One pouches. We’re currently working towards our overall goal of switching all our packaging away from traditional petroleum plastics!

A highlight of your Facility or Operation

The highlight of our facilities is the ability to replicate our production processes no matter the regulatory requirements. Our Compliance and New Market operations teams are unmatched as they navigate the dynamic regulatory process no matter the environment. We operate facilities in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Canada, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Michigan, and Oklahoma. It’s NOT just building facilities, it’s building people, culture, sustainability, and an equitable environment for all to thrive. We are excited for what we will build in 2024 and beyond.