May 2024


How did you get into FM/ Accidental FM?

I started in the broadcast media industry over 30 years ago as News Photographer, then Television Director and eventually News Operations Manager. When our family wanted to move from Spokane to Portland, I was directing and producing television shows but needed to change titles to Facilities Manager in order to transfer within the organization. Taking on a new role has been extremely rewarding. I love to learn new things and take on new challenges.

FUN FACT – In my 30 years of broadcasting I’ve received several Emmy Award honors and nominations. I’ve done just about every job imaginable in TV including shooting courtside for the Utah Jazz and a one-on-one interview with Harrison Ford at his home in Wyoming.

One off weird experience in the industry

Our building has access controls for everything including our interior stairs. During the ice storm in January of 2024, I had come in through the stairs and found one of our employees in the stairs who had been there for a couple hours. He had exited the interior of the building and could not get back in. Understandably and did not want to get stuck outside in the freezing temperatures so he was just waiting and hoping that someone would come through the door and find him.

A highlight of your Facility or Operation

Getting approval, organizing, and completing a recent $300K project to upgrade our fencing. We completely tore out our old chain-link and installed a beautiful new fencing system around our property. We recently approved a $200K roofing project so I imagine that will be my upcoming highlight.