March 2024


Russell Williams profile picture

How did you get into FM/ Accidental FM?

I went into facilities after graduating from California Polytechnical University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree with studies in plant engineering. Go Mustangs! I started as facilities engineer and then moved up to become a facilities systems engineer, executive project manager, VP of sales, and now director of facilities. I have worked for seven companies, including Intel to Linn County. My specialty is turning around bad situations, whether it’s projects or personnel.

Highlights of my current operations

Some highlights of my current operations include mentoring over 200 interns, participating in job retraining programs for injured workers. For some, their internship, opened doors that they never imagined would open for them. I have enjoyed working extensively with the Energy Trust of Oregon on conservation efforts. Lastly, It is a great feeling to have also helped advance people who wanted to grow in their careers.

One challenging experience in my industry

One of the biggest challenges facing my industry is the growing influence of the Net Zero movement, which would be too costly and prohibitive for so many small businesses or startups. The constant growth of building codes, involving building systems, to stormwater, to OSHA, to DEQ, and their all the mandates are making it difficult for facilities managers to keep up with the costs. We are going to do less as costs continue to ramp up.